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walking west

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road trips supposed to be fun, right?

Perhaps I am naive. Perhaps I have seen National Lampoons vacation one too many times and I, like Clark Griswold live in my own fantasy world of midnight swims with Christie Brinkley as opposed to the very real world of road trips and all that can go awry in a 36 hour period of time.

I set out later than expected but with high hopes of a beautiful weekend in Washington DC this past Saturday.  I packed some healthy snacks and grabbed my life's collection of CDs ready to embark on a brief voyage to our Nation's capitol with a good friend. The sky was clear the car drove smoothly and things were good. I had decided to make the trip 4 hours South when I was invited to a dear friend's baby shower. After finding a onesie emblazoned with Tupac's likeness I realized that I must make this voyage. Now, its true that I have been sick. For about a month now and just the night prior to the trip I had been in so much physical pain with an earache that I was brought to tears. Once my toddler like traits subsided I sucked it up and set forth.

The trip took slightly longer than expected, but it always does and once we traversed the less than affluent section of DC that I always beg my sister to show me but a part of town I suspect she could not locate if needed, we arrived at the hotel I chose to book through a third party website. Warning here: do not, if at all possible, book through a third party website. Ever! The hotel had an entire floor out due to renovations, but the courtesy of giving us a ring seemed to have escaped them so we packed back into the car and drove to another hotel. This hotel only had one room left and, although it was much smaller than the room I had already paid for, the front desk attendant who had most certainly ridden the short bus to work assured me this was our only option. After many hours of driving, nothing is better than opening the door to a room that makes the average New York City studio look palatial. 

After a short breather and an attempted phone call to my West Coast bestie (who did not pick up!) we headed out to see what we could eat and drink. I had always had such a good time at the waterfront in Georgetown with my sister I thought it was a great spot to sit and partake in some serious libating. Although the riverside bar had recently been flooded they were open for business and despite the fact that they possessed neither Patron or Corona exceptions were made and the drinking began. Let me remind you here, that I had been experimenting with my never ending illness and had started to take antihistamines to see if I had in face acquired allergies over the past year. A shot of tequila and Tecate mixed with some Benadryl does, for at least a while, put you in a perfectly pleasant mood.

In the search of food we stopped at a local tobacco shop and although a fellow patron made note that it smelled like "old man," I chose instead to soak up the scent of my grandfather's den and ponder the purchase of a pimp cane. A Dominican cigar later and we were out to sample some local cuisine, opting instead for a chain that had carbohydrates-a-plenty and the game on. What can I say, I am easy to please. Another drink or two deep and I needed a recharge. Lucky for us a local cab driver picked us up in no time, taking the time to talk sports, the origin of his convoluted accent and a brief tour of local Latin-inspired night life. I was all set to paint the town red in a dress I had brought along for such an occasion, but the cocktail of chemicals was hitting me hard and I instead chose to pass out before 11pm. A quick run to the local Mcy D's for a box of apple juice and a check in on the car and it was off to bed for a restless night of earaches and infomercials.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I was looking forward to seeing the mommy-to-be at the baby shower so I got everything together and went to pack up the car before my travel-mate arose. It was then that I noticed that my teal zip car parked right across from the Jewish Community Center had had the back window smashed out and the bulk of my music collection (collected largely after the last time this happened in Oakland in 2004) was gone with the wind. And not at all in a Rhett and Scatlett romantic manner. I called Zip Car, who told me to call the police and Officer T-Pain arrived shortly thereafter. I filed a report with enough time to get lost a handful of times and arrive at the baby shower nearly 2 hours late.

After some estrogen filled fun, I was also the first to leave as I had a long drive ahead of me and a finite amount of patience left in both me and my travel mate. After the death of an iphone, an ipod and an MIA cd collection, the hours grow longer when stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. And when approaching the GW bridge, nearly 6 hours after our departure I thought the end was near. I was wrong. There was evidently some back up at the bridge, so I instead took the Holland Tunnel, landing me on the island of Manhattan just 250 short blocks away from home.

Exhausted, broke and weary I arrived home with a broken window, an exorbitant hotel bill, and the loss of my entire Ameoba collection, left to wonder. Road trips are supposed to be fun, right?

The Republica Update/Being Polite Sucks Ass

My parents raised me right. I hold doors, open I always say thank you; and I have been known to help out my fellow human being when at all possible. As a child, I thought this is just how everyone behaved. As an adult, I can assure you, it is not. 
As I grow old I also grow tired. Tired of irritating people who are more engrossed in their smart phone than able to properly navigate their way down a crowded midtown street. Tired of children ordering candy at the bodega and swiftly exiting in a flurry of laughter and sneaker squeaks yet devoid of any audible please or thank you. Tired of people generally not seeming to care about other people.  (Read More)

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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Republica Update/Recycle Reduce Reuse

In the words of a wise and seasoned troubadour, “what goes around comes back around.” Now, I believe what JT was saying here is that karma is a bitch, as illustrated in his epic video for the song of the same name whose only redeeming quality was Scarlett Johansson’s ever growing cleavage, but I digress.
As a Californian I grew up being green and this conditioning has permeated every part of my being and influenced every facet of my complicated existence. This does not, in any way, exclude dating. Who of us doesn’t find comfort in revisiting an old lover? Much like that dress you find in the back of your closet that you had long forgotten about, you instantly fall in love all over again, as it is well worn and you remember that one great party you attended in it. Nostalgia takes over. It fits like a dream; the print is so cute. How could I have survived so long without this dress in steady rotation in your wardrobe? Then, much like any revisited romance, the flaws become more evident - slowly, but surely. The moth hole by the seem you always forgot about. That stain in the armpits from that time your sister borrowed it. And wait; does it make my butt look big? Trust me, if you don’t send that dress packing to Goodwill right then and there, it will happen all over again next Springtime. (Read More)
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uptown reigns

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181 And Audubon

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more to come with clique...

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green and yellow balloons

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If I Didn't Have To Be Me: A Group Photo Exhibit

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The Republica Update/Hey, What's Your Number?

When the above question is posed by some random dude on 125th street, you know they are asking for the 10-digit combination to your cell phone; the electronic leash to which we have all submitted.  This will, most likely result in a test-the-water text message, fraught with poor grammar and emoticons preceding an inevitably awkward phone conversation all in the hopes of some eventual booty. Ok, maybe I am cynical, but lets not pretend like we haven't all, at one point or another, taken part in this ridiculous dance.
This quantifiable question takes on a whole other connotation when asked by the man or woman with whom you are currently sleeping or soon plan to. When they ask, “Hey, What is your number?” You know what they mean. They are not asking for your phone number, or how many siblings you have, or how many times you have been to Disneyland. They are asking you how many sexual partners you have had. A question none of us really wants to answer but often times longs to ask. (Read More)
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all you need is love

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i have had the distinct pleasure of befriending the wildly talented ms. laura hahn, the publications manager at lrei, a pairing downtown schools in manhattan that are unlike any learning institution i have ever seen. they are creative and supportive and an all around fantastic learning environment. i have fallen in love with this school.

 ms. hahn has hired me for a couple of shoots, the images from which are scattered throughout the site, including the one above. i also shot the headshots for all of the faculty.  their new site has just gone live, and i feel lucky to have been a part of it.

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