Thursday, September 30, 2010

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september 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

the bostonian

returning to boston 21 years after my first visit not only is a statment that makes me sound ancient, but an experience that was clearly long overdue. sometimes the nearly 8 million people housed on the most self involved island on the planet, the island of manhattan, forget that their are other places, other cultures, and restaurants that actually serve a sandwich for less than nine dollars in existence. first having visited boston, mass when i was 8 with my mother, all i remembered were the brick walls of harvard university. this visit not only did i make note of the beautiful red brick architecture, but i also kept an eye out for the next mark zuckerberg, ready to get on the cougar gravy train early on in the process of permeating the planet with new technology and boat loads of money.

i took the bolt bus early friday morning 4 hours north to b-town for a shoot that, due to either miscommunication or general flakiness did not happen, but alas, i was able to accompany my dear friend meghan to visit her sister, briana. the visit was long overdue and i was happy to act as the chaperone to a gerard family reunion. also, just as everything in my life, it gave me an opportunity to shoot someplace new and, as i am wont to do, meet a new friend.

this friend was in the form of a native californian, living in arizona, and traveling the globe for some sort of green company about which i cannot recall the details. meeting new and strange friends, as i did in atlantic city with megs last week as well, really, coupled with visually documenting my adventures, is what makes my life worth living.

as soon as this young man was seated next to me at the sushi bar, a place meant to constitiute a hip downtown eatery, my meal quickly became about chatting with jordan and not the the 2 ladies with whom i actually entered the establishment. i think the alone time was welcomed by them and the meal was certainly the highlight of my 24 hour voyage, not because i experienced my first spicy tuna roll and, at the behest of my new bestie, a shitaki mushroom, but because green tea and good coversation equals good times had by all.

a couple near misses with old friends, an incredibly un-pc tank purchased, one historical site under my belt, and i was ready to head back down to new york, where spandex is welcomed in all venues (at least in my head) and exhorbitant prices are readily available. who would ever want to leave this mecca of consumerism when there are historically rich and beautiful locales just a few hours away...

september 2010