Wednesday, June 30, 2010

shout out

Just because my name happens to have two N's in this Manhattan Times recap, it does not mean that I am no honored, and as proud as ever to be a part of the UC. Thanks, Led!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

good things come in threes

I was on a shoot in New Jersey last week and since I was already in the state in which the 3 loves of my lives (Simone, don't worry, you're still on the list as well) reside, I figured I would stop by their suburban paradise and get some Auntie Nani time before they went to their ever exclusive swim club. What I was met with was 3 pint sized D-Bags thirsty for blood. Don't get me wrong, my nephews are the best things ever and I would lay down my life for them, butt man these kids are crazy. I wasn't even out of the rental car door before I was berated with questions as to why I was there in acerbic tones and actual, physical violence. Although I consider myself an aunt to many, as many women of my age, stature, and reproductive status do, the Geller boys clearly have a special place, as they are my only sister's spawn.

Although these beastly characters think that they are big bad men men, and I am just a mere, inferior female, that did not stop them from all pouncing on me at once, seeing who could reach the highest heights of all that my 5 feet 7 inches had to offer. They are lucky that the Irish stock is thick in my veins and I am pretty burly.

After 20 minutes with Ryan, James, and Griffin and I was ready to retreat back to the mellow and mild metropolis in which I reside, where the crack heads mind their business and the drug dealers only shout things like, "Yo, Bri Bri, you're the baddest shorty on Audubon" (and yes, that is a direct quote!). Leaving bruised, beaten and battered I was only left with the injuries incurred and a dozen photos of my exceedingly handome sobrinos. I feel as though these photos, of which there are a select few here, may have captured just what that Friday afternoon was: summertime, childhood, and most of all, bro-dome.

You tell me what you think...

ps. how much is the photo above a beastie boys album cover!

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summer on 125th

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Friday, June 18, 2010

a new fan

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

love is in the air...

despite being a cynic, the occasional outpouring of love penetrates the steel compartment i call my heart. this past weekend i was honored with the responsiblity of shooting a union of wedded bliss in fort tryon park. southerners, jews, and the heights...what more could you ask for?

here is a shot i love.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

this is my life...

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

charlton street: part deux

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010