Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the hood diaries

as part of my eternal quest to be afraid of nothing, i participated in my 2nd annual shameless fourth of july. last year a mini grill was propped up in front of my building, without so much as a stoop and meghan and i ate chicken and asparagus in 2 newly purchased chairs.

this year we upped the anty and had a feast, replete with my coffee table serving as both a spot for dining, as well as my first dominoes lesson. the dishware was provided by both my old roommate as well as yankee stadium and madison square garden. not sure i have ever felt more like a new yorker. the soundtrack of euro techno and gaga was provided by my next door neighbors, as i do not so much as own a stereo.

i wanted to make sure i got proof of said event to not only illustrate my ridiculousness on a daily basis, but also to have proof of the fact that my cooking acumen is reaching new heights. pun intended.

july 2011

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ajlounyinjurylaw said...

It all looks so fantastic.